Only a Moment to Read

Short fiction? Flash fiction? Micro fiction? Sudden fiction?  Quick fiction? Nano fiction? Hint fiction? It’s like naming a baby. What am I to call these experiments in story, barely more than a few short paragraphs long, that can, when well written, say so much? I rather like the term ‘hint fiction’ because very short stories are more suggestive than […]

Blogging Challenges, Therapeutic Writing and Feminism

Blogging Challenges, Therapeutic Writing and Feminism? That’s quite a title isn’t it? I hope it didn’t put you off, but if you’ve read this far you’re willing to read more, though you are probably wondering if I can tie it all together. First, here is a list of the things I’ve learned when I completed the […]

Seven Posts in Seven Days: Five

Living the Writer’s Life It’s early days yet, but my life as a writer is starting to develop a pattern. I read, as a writer should, every day; short stories, a novel, my favourite blogs and occasionally an academic article that interests or inspires me. I take lots of notes, in different notebooks and on the computer. My note taking […]

Seven Posts in Seven Days: Four

The Wisdom of Goldilocks I have always been fascinated by Goldilocks, from The Three Bears, so fascinated I spent over a year researching the origins of the story, the different versions, including one written by Tolstoy and several different interpretations of the tale. As a result I decided to make Goldilocks, an older, maybe wiser and […]

Seven Posts in Seven Days: Three

Trauma, Healing and Literary Writing For today’s post I want to return to the original focus of this blog: Therapeutic Writing. I also want to try something new: asking questions at the beginning of the post instead of at the end. I guess it’s the teacher in me; perhaps my questions will enhance your reading, maybe […]

Seven Posts in Seven Days: Two

Seven Decades: A Memoir in Words and Pictures I’ve been thinking about the process of ageing, prompted by my partner’s recent performance in ‘Ghosts, Toast and the Things Unsaid’. It was a piece of interactive theatre where the ‘audience’ of two, assumed the ‘identity’ of one of two of the play’s characters. The premise of […]

Seven Posts in Seven Days: One

I have decided to set myself a blogging challenge; seven posts in seven days. I enjoy a challenge but of a particular kind. The thought of studying a new topic sets my heart aflutter as does a pile of as yet unread books, the prospect of an intriguing, thought provoking conversation or even working out my budget; my needs, […]

To Blog or Not to Blog: Reflection in Action

I haven’t blogged for several weeks. I tell myself it is because we have experienced problems with internet connectivity, but the real reason is I am questioning the wisdom of having started a blog and, therefore, my commitment to it. This is partly because I’ve yet to establish a solid, regular writing habit and partly […]