Seven Posts in Seven Days: Seven

On Blogging, Easter, Family and Gratitude.

Didn’t the days fly by? I’ve had great fun posting seven days in a row. I think my writing has benefitted, the blog seems to have taken on a new life, I’ve connected with some wonderful bloggers (some in far flung places, others closer to home) and read some inspiring and fascinating posts.

I’m writing today’s post from the dining table instead of my writing room. After all, it’s Good Friday and my partner Cadence, who does the cooking, is going to be busy in the kitchen and I don’t want to lock myself away today. We’ve connected his tablet to our sound bar and cranked up the music. Cadence programmed the tablet to ‘shuffle’ so anyone  from one of Stones, Pink Floyd, Freddie and the Dreamers, or perhaps Leonard Cohen, Mozart, Neil Young or Wagner is likely to join us as we go about preparing for the day. I’m sure that at some point we’ll hear a track that will make us stop what we’re doing and join together in a dance around the living area. It’s lucky there are no cameras about, just a couple of old hippies reliving their spent youth, or what they can remember of it.

Later this morning we’ll be joined by my oldest son and his family. It’s a typical Adelaide autumn day today; sparkling and fresh. Just right in fact, so we’ll eat lunch outside under the pergola. I’m a Spring and Autumn girl: I tolerate the heat of summer and the winter’s cold, but I embrace the balance and change that typifies the equinoxes – the word says it all, doesn’t it? Say it out loud, slowly. E-qui-nox: equal day and night; harmonious; symetrical; proportionate.

From old iPhone 778

The rest of Easter will be quiet. We’ll see a movie and on Sunday we’re going to the local Irish club, as Cadence’s ancestors came from that grand isle. Hmmm, Maybe Monday won’t be so quiet after all?

And now, gratitude: I am grateful for my life; for the relative peace we are lucky to have here in Australia; for my friends, those who’ve been a part of my life for well over thirty years, and the new ones I’ve met through the grace of the internet. I’m grateful for my family, those close by,  those on the other side of the country, and the new family I discovered when Cadence and I joined our lives. I’m also grateful for the gift of writing some capricious god with a wry sense of humour decided to bedevil me with. My writing has helped me understand that, as Auguste Rodin said,

The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.

My wish for this Easter, my wish for everyone, is that wherever you are and whatever your faith or creed, you will be with friends, family and someone you love and who loves you. I hope there will be music, or art, or a good book, or a beautiful tree or distant mountains in the background, but most I hope there is peace in your heart.

7 thoughts on “Seven Posts in Seven Days: Seven

  1. It is a beautiful day today – we’re having a lazy day here. The kids (well, adults) are busy chit chattering over some game or other that is happening very loudly in our family room. Himself just surfaced after a post breakfast nap (it’s 3.15) Me – I’m in my office having recently donned day clothes, typing, reading, commenting, and watching the greenery of my front yard with my little fur baby at my feet. There is peace in my heart and home. May it be so at yours too 🙂


    1. Ahh, what a beautiful comment Raili. Thank you for sharing. We had a glorious day and yes, the weather was beautiful. We’ve only just had time to relax, however. We have a little one sleeping over tonight and she’s just settled. Time now for a tired Nanny to have a slice of chocolate cake and a cup of tea and to reflect again on just how grateful I am. Thanks also, for the nomination. Wow, I’m taken aback and chuffed by your kind words. I hope you’ll understand if I get onto it tomorrow, after our guest has gone home and I can get my head around it all. I’ll see you on the airwaves tomorrow!

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