Photography: Developing your Eye. Day One

Just as I was wondering what to do for my next post I discovered Photography Developing your Eye, had commenced. I’ve been looking forward to doing this WordPress Course because, about three years ago, my son gave me his old camera. Every so often I took it out from its bag, took a few shots and promised myself I’d learn to use it properly. What I thought ‘properly’ meant I’m not sure. Become familiar with the ins and outs of shutter speed? Become conversant with depth of field? Or maybe learn how to frame an image?

My son is a talented photographer, so when he said, after I showed him a few of my photos, ‘you have a good eye, Mum,’ I glowed with pleasure. Despite his encouragement, however, I haven’t given myself the time I need to become comfortable with my camera even though I’d love to create a collection of images and write about them. I promised myself I’d attend a photography class but writing has been the main focus of this year and so any attempts at image making have been delayed.

Maybe Photography Developing your Eye will change that? At least it is a chance to play with words and images and see what comes of it. It’s a good a place as any to start.

Today’s theme  is ‘Home’. We were asked to share what we think of when we think of home and take a photo of it. I grabbed my mobile phone instead of the camera – it’s afternoon here and I don’t have the time to take a photo, load it on to the computer, write a post and then upload it all – so the mobile with suffice for today.

In terms of what I think when I think of home, I immediately headed for the fruit bowl. From the day I moved, as a newly married woman, into my first home I have always had a bowl of fruit on the dining table or sideboard. Visitors need never ask; whatever is in the bowl is there for the taking.

It’s a dull day outside, one of many grey days we’ve experienced this winter.  This large, generous bowl of light leavens the chill, muted day. No matter the season or where I live, my fruit bowl will always say, ‘Welcome, help yourself.’

5 thoughts on “Photography: Developing your Eye. Day One

  1. I’m so glad you posted about this. I just noticed Drollery subscribed to an Outdoor Photography magazine (in anticipation of our UK cruise next September) and when I read your blog I thought that might be just the starting ticket for him. He has just set up a blog where he was going to write about getting excited for the cruise. This might give him something else to do! I read your blog to him and showed him your picture. He asked me to send him the link! Yay! Loved what you thought about when you thought about home. I’ll be curious to see if he comes up with anything.


    1. Brilliant idea! Let me know when he publishes his blog. I feel so unsure about using the Nikon, mostly because after spending an hour messing about with the different settings I forget, in the next hour, what they all do. 🤔

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  2. Hello Janet. I started Day One of Developing Your Eye today and decided to search the tag and see who i found. Funny looking at the photo I thought it’s what is my fruit bowl looks like at the moment and wonder if you live in Australia too. Now I going to explore your blog and confirm my suspicions.


    1. Hello Louise, it’s good to meet you. Yes, you’re right, I’m in Australia, in Adelaide, enjoying the fruits of winter and really looking forward to spring! I hope you enjoy the course, I’ll keep an eye out for your posts. Cheers, Janet


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