Developing your Eye Day Three


Water: there is much about it that appeals. The fluid, almost magical way it finds its own level, how it soothes and abrades, sustains and dissolves, rests still and deep for years then, during a dry season, simply evaporates. DSC_0001
Water often represents our emotions; we are ‘flooded by our feelings’ or ‘deeply in love’ only to be ‘left high and dry’ when that love seeps away.
Today’s #developingingyoureye task was to try another wide, establishing shot and think about which orientation (vertical or horizontal) works better. I chose a horizontal perspective because I love the wide sweep of a seascape, the sense of something bigger than me, although one of my photos focuses on a small piece of sea grass. Had I decided to take a photo of the creek near our home I might have chosen a vertical format in order to represent its linear and enclosed nature.
DSC_0019  Yesterday was the warmest we’ve had for several months. Adelaideans did what they usually do on winter days when the sun finally makes an appearance: they stroll along the esplanade; sit drinking coffee and reading the newspaper; play beach cricket on the shore. The majority of Australians live, at most, three hours from the beach. It’s where we go for a holiday and many of us celebrate Christmas and certainly New Year at the beach. DSC_9993

Although it’s a big island, Australia is still an island. We are an enclosed, insulated community forced to fly off our island in order to access the rest of the world. Our obsession with the beach, with the sea, is double edged. Our isolation, in part, protects but also confines us.

DSC_9998Perhaps our regular visits to the beach are a form of homage to that enclosure, a homage tempered by the idea of escaping our confines so we can see what the rest of the world is up to.


16 thoughts on “Developing your Eye Day Three

  1. Lovely images, Janet … You do have the ‘eye’. Much food for thought in that you define what I thought as a continent as an island. And we forget here, the distance between loved ones. My son is also 5 hours away but 150 miles, my sister is eight hours and 4000 miles away. My heart is simultaneously here in N Wales, in Massachusetts, and in South Wales!


    1. Thank you Anne. Hmm, I should have checked my facts as far as island/continent go. You are right, of course, it is a continent.
      Isn’t it amazing that we can still be ‘whole’ but know that little sections of our hearts are spread across the planet? Cheers, Janet

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      1. No i like that you brought a different perspective because we forget (unlike Uk and even smaller Anglesey ) that Australia is an island. I like the favt that you changed my perception. Here im never more than 10-15 minutes from the sea. We have a coastal path, we have blue days , i can see the north wales coast down to Pen Llŷn from my Window. I have to cross bridges and or cobs to get to places…. We even have our own local authority council. Small island living!


      2. Oh, Anne, you tempt me. As you’ll see from today’s blog post you live in a place my maternal grandfather probably knew well. If … when … I get over my anxiety about flying we’re going to visit my mother’s parents’ place(s) of birth. We hope it will be next year and you make it seem more real. Thank you.


      3. Or maybe if you have a list of places with family connections i can take a few snaps. The first time I flew i had a large Brandy at Heathrow so i can sympathise. – Ive lost my appetite for getting on a plane though I aim to next year if I can save enough.

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    1. A part of my heart is in Perth, of course, given my son is there. My daughter is also in Western Australia, in a mining town, so that’s where another part of my heart is. While it is a long distance, it’s about a four hour flight and given I haven’t seen them since last Christmas, I’m starting to feel the need to get on a plane again soon.

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