Developing Your Eye: Day Eight


The day after my grand daughter was born my son, who is a gifted photographer but lacks the time to develop his talents, took this photograph of his new born daughter.

#developingyoureye: ‘Newborn’

Later that year, while playing around with my camera, I photographed my partner as he prepared our Christmas Dinner, our first one  with our grand daughter.

#developingyoureye: ‘Paring Knife.’

Both photos are, for me, emblems of the bounty of life but I also like the contrasts between them – the old hands, the new hands (what wonders will they perform?), the sharpness of the paring knife, the tenderness of those tiny, vulnerable fingers.

Photography is, indeed, poetry.

6 thoughts on “Developing Your Eye: Day Eight

    1. Thanks Calen, you have, once again, hit the nail on the head. When I was a child I loved watching my paternal grandmother’s hands. She was a tailor, remarkably talented and quite precise. She wore several rings on her fingers and I loved watching her sew; her fingers seemed to weave together threads of light as she stitched a seam or embroidered a bodice. The idea of a coffee book with pictures of hands matched with words to describe the what those hands create, is a brilliant idea. Cheers, Janet.


  1. Wish you had a LIKE button because it would save me thinking about the appeal of the post.
    As I haven’t this shortcut option I need to respond.
    Hands say so much. They have stories to tell.
    I remember a piece I wrote whilst still in high school about my grandfather’s hands.
    Those perfect, unblemished baby hands are yet to meet the world.
    They will change.
    I hope the story in latter years will be one of happiness.


    1. Hah, it’s a canny plot, Kathy, to make you write! Thanks for the comments, and the kind thoughts. Those baby’s hands have grown; they can colour, deftly handle a spoon and manipulate a range of things (including a tablet!). I am confident that in the future they will do only good things. Cheers, Janet


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