What about the Footnotes?

Notice the revised subtitle of this blog? Elixir is no longer about ‘Reflective and Creative Writing’, but ‘Footnotes from the Third Age’. What does that mean? Why footnotes?

Footnotes are important. (1) They are the tracings of other minds leading us to new information or supporting the author’s argument. Now days we talk about disappearing down the rabbit hole that is the internet, following link after link, creating our own tracings as we follow a chain of ideas, meeting minds more lucid, more adventurous than our own, or straying into savage, unseemly brambles.

Our mind is the seat or faculty of reason. It is also responsible for our thoughts and feelings, but it is also capricious, fickle and mercurial, which I believe is one of the best things about having a mind. Changing our mind often starts with questions like, ‘What if …? Maybe I should try …? Perhaps I’ll give it another …?’ Then a friend shares an insight, we exchange  ideas and what was an irritating, unanswered uncertainty becomes … a footnote?

I’m not saying the Third Age is a footnote to life; the Third Age is more important than that. But I’ve had footnotes take me on unimaginable adventures. Maybe a revived Elixir will be my footnote, my indelible nota bene for others to reference?

What do you think?

(1Footnotes and endnotes are both ways to add clarifying information into a document.  They provide important details with which the reader may be unfamiliar.

3 thoughts on “What about the Footnotes?

  1. I just like questions in general. In fact, I SHOULD stop and ask my self a lot more questions, then maybe I would change my mind and step out of my comfort zone more often. But I REALLY love questions for help writing. Like I just got to a place in Sea Jade where there has to be some backstory for one of the characters about how she met her husband. It dawned on me I hadn’t even thought about it! So I started a page of questions. Where did they meet? How old were they? How did people know Maree was from a specific place? And on and on. Once I’ve answered this whole page of questions I’ll be able to fill in the backstory. Funny thing is it’s made me think I need to do a little research about immigrants coming to this country and their experiences. Questions can be so good! (That probably doesn’t even answer your question! LOL)


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