The Source

It’s too easy to let things slip, to think ‘I can come back to that,’ or ‘I’ll have time tomorrow for…’. Yet, when everything seems important, imperative or imminent, little feels rewarding.

In my very small garden is a tub of red geraniums. The petals, robust flags of red, clump comfortably together, the blooms, unhurried in their blooming, are languid in their display.

Elixir is nothing like my red geranium. It has not bloomed in my mind or heart for several months. It has failed, unlike my strumpet geranium, to grab my attention, and so I ask myself, ‘Why did I start Elixir? What did I want to achieve? Why, indeed,  write a blog?’

In Writing as a Way of Healing, Louise de Salvo asks,

…what if writing were a simple, significant, yet necessary way to achieve spiritual, emotional and psychic wholeness? To synthesize thought and feeling, to understand how feeling relates to events in our lives and vice versa? p6.

writing-as-a-way-of-healing Elixir started as a blog about therapeutic writing. Then it changed and, perhaps, lost its way. What kind of blogger loses control of her blog?

Hauling Elixir back to its original premise, a blog about the power of writing to heal, feels right. It feels simple and significant and necessary and it feels like Elixir has returned to its source:

My interest has never been in end results, but in the process of creation and expression…(*)

What have you resurrected lately?

(*) Judy Clinton, in Writing Works: A Resource Handbook for Therapeutic Writing Workshops, p. 217.


11 thoughts on “The Source

  1. Interesting post, Janet. I have been feeling the same way about Promptlings. It has kind of morphed into something I’m not terribly satisfied with. But I think what’s happening is I’m missing my journaling. Blogging took the edge off that for me. But this past week when we were sorting stuff out for a rummage sale at church, I picked up my last journal and decided to start writing in their again. As well as restarting my Saturday Morning Kitchen Khronicles that I did for years. (no, that’s not misspelled — I actually spelled it that way) So I guess I have resurrected my journalin “by hand.”

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    1. I think this comment sparked my latest post, Calesarial, because I, too, have started journaling again. There is something healing and soothing about keeping a ‘Khronicle’. I still have all of mine, thousands and thousands of words. What to do with them as I face the end of life is anyone’s guess; it’s between leaving them to my grand daughter or consigning them to the flame. There are days when I think the flame will win and other days when I think my grand daughter will cope with what she reads, or at least she will learn what being a woman born in the middle of the 20th Century meant, and how we fought to make the world a better place for her generation (Drump, etc. notwithstanding!!). Take care, Janet

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  2. I originally set my site up as somewhere to publish my memoir. Where I thought it might reach people who would possibly find it helpful. I then decided to get back into writing generally because I thought I would enjoy the process. Instead it has become something I have mixed feelings about. Sometimes I enjoy it yes; when I get that sense of flow and the words come easily. Other times however, it’s like drawing my own teeth. I feel I have to resurrect some level of enthusiasm each time I sit at the keyboard. A big demotivator for me at the moment is the little voice that says, who the hell is going to want to read this anyway? The blog doesn’t help in this respect because in the 3 years since I started it, I’ve had very few hits and even fewer likes or comments. I guess part of the problem is, that there are literally millions of blogs out there; so one’s voice just gets lost in the crowd.

    Some people profess to write just for themselves, and I get that to some extent. However, I do think that humans have a deep need for recognition and validation. After all, why develop speech if not to be heard, why develop writing if not to be read?…😊


    1. I agree with your comment about pulling teeth, ragatagjack, and struggling with ‘who the hell is going to read this…?’ is a drag, but even one small voice in the crowd is still a voice. I’m not sure about the ‘deep need’ for recognition though. Some of us need that, and that’s fine, others – and I am becoming more like this – merely want to write. I (finally) care less about recognition and nothing for validation. Self recognition and self validation is, I think, underrated. I’ve tried it all: writing in a journal for years and keeping what I wrote hidden: studying for years for a qualifation, a spurious form of validation at best; not writing; sending out material to competitions. In the process I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I like to write and why. I’ve come back to the blog because I have a right to write about what I am interested in and if that touches even one person for half a minute then I have acheived something. I enjoy your stuff; green icecream in a toilet bowl is an image that will stay with me for a long time. The question of what a child might do if Grangd Dad has passed out in the toilet is a keenly observed, wry, comment on the way people think. You have an interesting voice so I suggest you keep using it. Who cares if it is drowned out by the noise of people with less talent and skill than you? It is your voice and you have a right to put it out there. Thanks for commenting, cheers, J

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      1. Hi Janet, I’m curious as to why, since you seem to have enjoyed my writing, you haven’t “liked” or commented on anything on my site. My guess is that many people do this. That is, they visit, read but then simply move on without thinking to hit the like button or even write the briefest of comments. Do forgive me, I’m not aiming to be critical here. Just trying to get some feedback that may point to some way of encouraging others to like or comment on my posts. Thank you.😊


      2. Hi ragatagjack. First, no need to apologise for asking a legitimate question. I had thought I’d ‘liked’ some of your posts but maybe I did neglect to hit the button. I am sorry. I also wonder why I don’t receive many ‘likes’, though less often than when I started blogging. My personal issue is, though, time. Blogging could be (and is for many) a full time occupation: by the time you write your blog, read and comment on the blogs you follow, reply to comments on your blog there is little time left for work, family and play, let alone other writing. I thought I thoroughly researched blogging before I started my blog but I had NO IDEA of the time it consumes. So I am guilty of lurking, occasionally reading, and moving on. It is no disrespect to the people I follow: it is a choice to respect myself, my time, my loved ones and my other writing. Why, then, don’t I give it away? Good question. I have tried, I have let my blog lapse and I have come back to it, and now I have found peace with my approach to blogging. I dip in and out, I read what interests me and I comment if I feel I have something worthy to add. I could make blogging a lifestyle but I choose not to. I understand that doesn’t help you and I think I understand your frustration but I am happy with my little corner of the ‘blogoverse’, in the same way I am happy with my little corner of the physical world. As an introvert by nature, and more so as I age, I like the brief ‘nod’ I exchange with those I pass on my way through my list of ‘blogs I follow’. I hope this helps. Regards, Janet

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      3. Thanks for that. It’s exactly as I imagined, and probably the same for most people. I have to confess to being guilty myself of reading someone’s post and then moving on without leaving anything behind. I’m trying to correct that now by aiming to hit the Like button before I move on, sometimes even if I haven’t particularly liked it😂.

        I think we write for different reasons. In my case, I think it’s to engage with people; so maybe blogging is the wrong forum for me. I may do better with an online discussion group, or something similar. I guess the important thing is to just keep writing….🤔😄


  3. Good to see you back Janet as always with an informative, inspiring post just at the right time.
    Today I go to a local seaside town for a weeks break and a couple of friends will join me at during the week.
    I hope to read, reflect and have FUN.
    Hope you are well, take care 🙂

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