About Elixir: Footnotes from the Third Age.


‘’Once upon a time there was a little girl called Goldilocks.’ This is a truth and a lie. My story should begin with, ‘Once upon a time there was an old woman called Silverhair. She walked alone in the forest, picking her way along the rough path and enjoying the sun’s warmth on her tired bones.’’

Why Elixir? Why footnotes? Why the Third Phase, and why Goldilocks?

For most of my life I’ve been intrigued by Goldilocks. I wrote a memoir a couple of years ago, and a mature aged, feisty, recalcitrant Goldilocks narrated part of my story.  This blog reclaims a part of me that was lost; the writer who always let other things get in the way of her writing. Goldilocks led me out of those woods and into a clearing where my voice can be heard. This blog’s focus is, therefore, on short stories, flash fiction and reflecting on the writing process.

About Janet

Other than having lived well but not always wisely, I have a doctorate in Creative Writing, a Diploma in Teaching, a Graduate Diploma in Teaching, and a Diploma in Professional Counselling.

Thanks for reading the footnotes.


Eleanor Mure, The Story of the Three Bears (London: Oxford University Press, 1967). This text is a Facsimile of a MS in the Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books in the Toronto Public Library. The original title page reads: ‘The story of the three bears, metrically related, with illustrations locating it at Cecil Lodge in September 1831, by Eleanor Mure.’

12 thoughts on “About Elixir: Footnotes from the Third Age.

  1. Delighted Janet to have made contact with you here. It is always nice to get a posting or reply from you.
    My motivation to continue to do what I do Is a result of your interest and support.
    Take care


      1. Hi Janet,
        Your positive comments and support have motivated me to keep going with my blog.
        I do hope that things are not too difficult God you at the moment and you have the appropriate support you need.
        I do hope you can ‘keep on keeping on’

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I wasn’t aware of NAJOWRIMO, Calen. Thanks for the information. I plan to do NANOWRIMO in November so I’m not sure about NAJOWRIMO, but I’ll be interested in what you think about it if you decide to do it.


  2. Janet, I do believe I may have just come across your name in Blogging Bootcamp. It caught my attention as I seem to recall you said you were an Aussie. And then I saw your name in my Reader showing you’ve been to my blog. I’m just unravelling a trail of evidence here 🙂 Your About page resonates with me – I’m in the third phase too. And love writing – therapeutic, healing, fun, any kind 🙂 Glad I met you. I look forward to meeting you more often.

    Liked by 1 person

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