Goldilocks on the M5, and Down the Lane.

By tradition, Goldilocks is a golden-haired child prone to wandering off alone and intruding on others’ space. In fact, she was originally ‘Silverhair’ a cantankerous old woman who took umbrage when her new neighbours, the Bears, neglected to invite her to tea. In the tradition of adaptation, my Goldilocks is neither a crotchety old woman […]

Chicago the Movie and the Australian Election

Counting today (a cold Wednesday morning here in Australia), it’s four days until citizens of Australia troop off to polling booths (usually known as school or town halls) to vote for the next Federal Government. I’m not going to bore you with the whys and wherefores of the federal system of government or the fact […]

The Creative Connection

 Do you yearn for connection but cannot fulfil that need? I once felt that ache, that emptiness, but the more I write, the more I immerse myself in the world of words and how to compose them, the less lonely I feel. Have I made that longed for connection? Maybe. What we long for, what is denied, what we often […]

On Gratitude 01: Panic and Anxiety.

Several weeks ago I introduced Barbara, my first guest blogger. She taught me a valuable lesson about gratitude and as a result of her post I decided to find ways, through this blog, to practice her philosophy. Regular readers will be aware I try to post twice a week, usually on Wednesday and Sunday, but […]

Muses, Metaphors and Sunlight.

‘It started with a flash but will end with …’ What sort of prompt is that?  This is so boring, like swimming towards a lifeboat while fighting for your last breath. Hardly boring; more like survival. It might be futile but she’ll never give up. She lives on hope and she has a manuscript. A half baked, self indulgent, weirdly […]

On Haibun and Markets

As well as flash or hint fiction, I’ve been studying and writing haibun, contradictory snippets of descriptive narrative (i.e. flash or hint fiction containing poetic images and heightened language, or an an unabashed, self declared  prose poem) accompanied by a haiku. Sometimes wry, often serious, always finely crafted, haibun is a blend of image and observation that appeals to […]

Guest Blogger: The Good the Bad and the in Between

I’m very excited to introduce my first guest blogger: Barbara Brown. I met Barbara ten years ago at Flinders University when we were enrolled in the Bachelor of Creative Arts. Like me, Barbara is a mother with a couple of qualifications and a successful career behind her, and like me she did her degree because she wanted […]