Wise Words and Comforting Suggestions

I have been planning to share a range of ideas about writing as therapy for some time. The links below lead to diverse opinions concerning the benefits of therapeutic writing although none of them provide conclusive evidence that therapeutic writing is an effective therapeutic tool.  I hope you enjoy them. JR White points out in this first link […]


I’ve got nothing today; nichts, nada, rien. Searching through my ‘writing ideas file’ hasn’t helped. Writing a response to quotes for instance. What can you do with, How marvelous books are, crossing worlds and centuries, defeating ignorance and, finally, cruel time itself.  Gore Vidal or It is good people who make good places.  Anna Sewell that […]

To shilly-shally, or not to shilly-shally?

 What do you do when you need to make a decision, settle a question, find in favour of one thing or another, resolve an issue, influence the outcome (of a contest), pronounce judgement, come to a determination or resolution? (I couldn’t decide which definition to include.) Some folk are decisive. Other folk (myself, as I demonstrated […]