A Journey, a Memoir: The Secret Ideology of Tourism Part II

In my last post, I described my discomfort with the travel industry. While researching the topic I discovered criticism of the industry is not new. In 1959, German poet Hans Enzensberger wrote an article addressing the issue of travel as an ‘experience’. This post will attempt to summarise the article. Enzensberger begins by outlining the […]

Developing Your Eye: Day Eight

Treasure The day after my grand daughter was born my son, who is a gifted photographer but lacks the time to develop his talents, took this photograph of his new born daughter. Later that year, while playing around with my camera, I photographed my partner as he prepared our Christmas Dinner, our first one  with our […]

On Gratitude 01: Panic and Anxiety.

Several weeks ago I introduced Barbara, my first guest blogger. She taught me a valuable lesson about gratitude and as a result of her post I decided to find ways, through this blog, to practice her philosophy. Regular readers will be aware I try to post twice a week, usually on Wednesday and Sunday, but […]

Embracing Solitude

Could you live the eremitic life, either in the Christian meaning of the word, or in the secular sense? In both religious and secular literature, the eremitic life is lived by a ‘hermit’, a person who, according to the Oxford Dictionary of English, lives in solitude as a part of a religious discipline, or who intentionally […]

Seven Posts in Seven Days: Two

Seven Decades: A Memoir in Words and Pictures I’ve been thinking about the process of ageing, prompted by my partner’s recent performance in ‘Ghosts, Toast and the Things Unsaid’. It was a piece of interactive theatre where the ‘audience’ of two, assumed the ‘identity’ of one of two of the play’s characters. The premise of […]

Seven Posts in Seven Days: One

I have decided to set myself a blogging challenge; seven posts in seven days. I enjoy a challenge but of a particular kind. The thought of studying a new topic sets my heart aflutter as does a pile of as yet unread books, the prospect of an intriguing, thought provoking conversation or even working out my budget; my needs, […]

To Blog or Not to Blog: Reflection in Action

I haven’t blogged for several weeks. I tell myself it is because we have experienced problems with internet connectivity, but the real reason is I am questioning the wisdom of having started a blog and, therefore, my commitment to it. This is partly because I’ve yet to establish a solid, regular writing habit and partly […]

Therapeutic Writing and Resting

Over the last two weeks circumstances have prevented me from writing a blog post. I’m still here, however, hovering at the edges of the blog universe and planning to re-enter the slipstream in January 2016. Those of you who discovered and supported this blog will, I hope, be rewarded in 2016 with blog that doesn’t […]